Why I love Dubai 🇦🇪

1. Warm weather – on average in the summer it’s about 40 degrees in Dubai so I get enough of my vitamin D intake which is good to my skin and makes me happy! 2. Skyscrapers- Dubai has some of the highest sky scrapers in the world. For example Burj Khalifa, which is a lovely […]

Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the Seas – Venezia

So this summer I was blessed with the opportunity to go on an amazing cruise around the Mediterranean with my family. This was my second cruise around the Mediterranean, however, last time I went on MSC Lirica around the Mediterranean to a number of different places including, Tunisia, Mallorca, France and a couple others (I […]

Discovering Doha in a Week

After travelling solo the first time to Thailand, this really boosted my confidence to travel farther and wider. This time I chose Doha in Qatar. This was because the friend that I made at my resort in Thailand worked and resided there, but also because one of my friends in London had told me good […]

Exploring Thailand solo in a week!

Airport 20th April 2018, 4am I began getting ready for my flight. I was beyond excited, and I had always wanted to go to Thailand. Everyone was calling me crazy for travelling all the way to Asia alone, but I thought it was the most exciting thing a girl could do. Besides, I was turning […]