Tiger Kingdom was one of the stops on the City Tour. Prior to this, I had never actually come face to face with a Tiger before. I wasn’t sure what to expect of the day. We entered the Kingdom and headed to the front-desk. They got us to sign some papers which stated that we enter the Tigers cage at our own risk. This was terrifying, but seeing as no one else in my party seemed scared, I put on a brave face.

We got our wristbands and followed the path down to the Tiger cages. I looked to my left and saw the most beautiful creature I had ever laid eyes on. It had thick and luscious golden striped fur, with big green eyes. It was a very big cat, and seemed to be quite happy roaming around in its spacious cage.

There was a keeper inside the cage that used a wooden stick to distract the Tiger by tapping it on the floor. We gave him our phones through the gate and he would take pictures of the Tiger up close which made it look as though we were also that close to the Tiger. Of course, this wasn’t the case but a great way to scare my mum when I sent it to her!


They provided us with lockers and locker keys to store our belongings, before entering a separate cage. In this cage, lay two baby Tigers and one adult Tiger that were all unconscious.  The keeper of the cage instructed us only to touch the bottom half of the Tiger, firmly. He reiterated the signs around the cage, which explained that we should not touch the head of the Tiger under any circumstances.

The small cat was so cute, I could’ve honestly taken him home as a pet. I kneeled down gently behind him, being careful so that I didn’t make any sudden movements to startle the Tiger and I posed. The keeper told me which poses were safe to do with the Tiger and I did them hesitantly, before moving onto the big cat.

This big cat was sleeping on a table, and one by one we would come behind the Tiger to see it up close, whilst striking a pose that mirrored the Tigers resting position. This was such fun experience and I was proud of myself for daring to do something outside of my comfort zone.


Once all of the pictures were done, we followed the same path back up to where the reception was, where there were small carts selling refreshments,  such as Popcorn, slush puppies and more. I grabbed a Slush Puppy and hopped back onto the tour bus.


Experience rating: 10/10


  • Tigers were absolutely beautiful
  • Given a locker to put away belongings
  • Staff were very helpful and reassuring
  • Good photo opportunities
  • Nice and efficient process didn’t have to wait too long to go into the cage.
  • Chance to get some snacks and drinks


  • None





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